First, I would like to thank Trevor for sharing his story with us, and being eager to narrate it by his voice as his voice went from the deepest of his heart to the deepest of ours.

I have met him in one of his comedy show nights in Phoenix, Arizona and laughed so hard at every single joke he brought. After listening to the book, I just felt guilty to laugh on jokes that used to be a true pain. He is smart though since he is making a fortune of his past instead of crying on it.

I still cannot believe that someone from my generation went through all of this discrimination and apartheid jazz. I thought I am too young for such events, but actually Noah brought up my attention to the era of such events.

It is a shame to perceive that people have created that cyclical wall when chose to discriminate against black, colored, or labeled people. This brings me to the idea that human beings are powerful that they have the ability to make anything possible.  If human beings are able to create evil, they are truly able to create goodness in this world.

What I mostly like about such a book that it takes the reader to three dimensions when explaining the concept of the culture and race in many events and occasions. He made it clear that it is not easy for anyone to talk about their cultures in a cumulative way. Culture is much more complicated for anyone to explain or understand

I would thank him for being shameless and humble enough bringing in the shit story that made me bloody laugh. Actually, the book made me laugh and cry in the same time as Noah brought me up a mix of feelings that I cannot mention it all in the same context, as it might be schizophrenic to the readers

Of course, there are many lessons I learned from such a book, one of them is that we always assume that there should be no barriers among people. We usually fight and leave each other, not trying to understand what could be wrong, or what the barriers are.

Moving to the true hero of this book and the one who should have signed the book, his mom.

I truly want to meet her, to hug, so I might get some of that willpower. That woman believes in Love the same way I do. She brought a kid into her miserable life to keep that unconditional love hanging around. There was a bounty amount of love that she wanted to spend on someone.  She believed that it is the power of love that would make her survive in that harsh world.

That woman grown with a project to lead under her supervision, her project was to raise a kid the way she wanted to be raised. She saw the fruitiness of that project in 20 years, more, less, did not matter, she just saw it.

The thing that I am sure of is that she really wanted to have her son as a company all her life. This is would be the first time for me imagining how harsh someone’s love could be and how well it works.

She is a powerful woman that she tried not to make her son feel the need for a father. She has been doing the role of both, not showing how exhausting the mission is. She is an example of a woman who breaks the cycle while she is in the same cycle only by her ignited power coming from inside.

She had the full willpower and knowledge that bringing a child to her life, and to the circumstances, she is in, that she is bringing a whole lot tribbles, nothing goes back to her, only love covered all over that stubborn decision she made. She did not give a shit regarding the consequence; she only wanted that infinite relationship.

I deeply thank Noah for telling us what moms, or women, in general, can do in this world when it comes to protecting whomever they are felt in love with.

She taught her son more than enough to respect women in all over did. In my opinion, she did not only raise a person, she raised upcoming children. I honestly envy them as they got a legend grandma.

She succeeded in making a child a good friend of himself. She had that supervision of her son’s future that she worked hard to equip him with the mental gadgets that they are necessary for these days. She started from knowledge realizing that knowledge is a power that should be directed in the right path for the best results of prosperity.

Such a women should be the curriculum regarding the respect that a mom should be raising her kids toward their fathers, whatever happens, that father should be in a good pic at all costs. The father would be a father even if he does not exist around. The moment she brought Noah to go and get to know him was in the nailed one

Here is a live example on human-cacti, when it look rough, tough from outside, healing, and juicy from inside.

Many questions to I really wanted to ask his mom is that did she ask the father for a child because he was white and her son probably would come with those privileges of being a white? Was she thinking of a white son as a ticket away from what worse could be in the future?

My final thought that such a work should be turned into a serious, not a movie since a movie would cut out much of the fun.

There are many quotes that kept rendering in my mind such as “The maximum effort on the minimum gain” and “Relationships are built in silence “.